Our standard product lines include
  • Organic fertilizers 
  • Organic pesticides
  • Plant growth regulators
  • Agglomerating materials (e.g. producing granular dolomite, filter cake (sugarcane), fly ash, peat, etc. to be used as soil conditioner, organic matter improvement or addition of some macro and micro nutrients such as Nitrogen, Phosphorus , Potassium, and Calcium to motivate plants flowering, fruiting and productivity. All materials used are from composted organic materials and naturally occurring minerals.
We produce our organic fertilizer in granular shape to make it easy to apply or sprinkle. It will slowly dissolve and release the nutrients gradually. The plants can uptake the nutrients for several days. Synthetic or chemical fertilizer is highly water-soluble which is fast and easily dissolve so it can leach out into stream and pond causing harmful to the environment.
Standard products are as follow:
*2-2-2   This is the basic organic fertilizer that is applicable for many different kind of crops. Itis suitable for rice, maize, wheat, sugarcane, etc. The organic matter included in this fertilizer will improve the soil texture and help release the macro and micro nutrients that are stuck or compacted caused by having been using chemical fertilizers for a long time. 
*2-5-5  It is applicable for plants same as above but it motivates the plant at time of flowering and fruiting. 
*5-10-10 or higher  In some situation when the soil is depleted and the plants need more motivation to maintain or increase the yield. It is necessary to adjust the proportion of N-P-K to serve plant needs. 
(Note: * the actual proportion above may be slightly difference)
As all raw materials used to manufactured these organic fertilizers are from naturally occurring minerals, composted plants and food wastes with IFOAM approval, we have long experience in the production and good access to these raw materials so we are able to produce reliable and quality products with competitive price.

We also produce made-to-order organic fertilizers using particular raw materials that contain macro nutrients (N-P-K) and micro nutrients (e.g. Iron, Manganese, Zinc, Boron, Molybdenum, etc.) which are applicable for the following crops:

  • Paddy, wheat and Sugarcane
  • Palm Oil and Rubber Tree
  • Cocoa, Cotton and Maize
  • Peppercorn and Chilli
  • Coffee and Tea
  • Cassava and Potato
  • Tomato, Fruits,Vegetables and Flowers
  • etc…
With the success and the popularity of organic farming, it has been proven that high content of N-P-K is not really important but the actual amount of N-P-K that the plants can really uptake, the fertility of the soil and the healthy ecosystem are actually the real key successes. It is useless to keep on giving high proportion of chemical or synthetic N-P-K fertilizer which will destroy the soil texture and cause harmful to human and the environment. When the soil is solid, hard and compact, the plants can hardly uptake any nutrients.
The contents of N-P-K and the organic matter can be adjusted by the uses of different raw materials. For example, the content of Nitrogen can be vary from 2-5%, Phosphorus from 2-15% and Potassium from 2-15%. Sample of our raw materials are composted eucalyptus peat, molasses, composted filter cake, bone meal, fly ash, rock phosphate, dolomite, etc. 

There is no content of manure (chicken, pig, cow, horse), soil or sewage sludge mixed in any of the products. With IFOAM regulations, all raw materials must be analyzed and approved by IFOAM prior to the production to make sure that there is no harmful to the plants and the ecosystem.



In case it is required by customers or based on our recommendations after having discussed and analyzed throughly, the following beneficial microbes can be added into our organic fertilizers to help fix or relieve the soil, leaf, flower, root, and trunk problems as well as to promote the plant uptake and growth. These microbes are:

  • Trichoderma spp.
  • Bacillus subtilis
  • Bacillus licheniformis
  • Lactobacillus plantarum
  • Lactobacillus acidophilus
  • Saccharomyces cerevisiae
  • Chaetomium spp.
  • Bacillus megaterium

These beneficial microbes are normally available in the fertile soil but in case where the soil is depleted, compacted or short of organic matter, it is recommended to add them for sustainable soil management. For more information, please click at the "Microbes" menu on the left-hand tab on this screen. These microbes are also available in powder or liquid form and in individual packaging for ease of usage and reproduction.

(Note: The standard organic fertilizers do not contain any of the above microbes)

Contracted Organic Farming

As part of our business expansion, we can arrange contract with farmers who grow rice, peppercorn and banana. We supply them all necessary organic inputs such as organic fertilizer, organic pesticides and some active microbial necessary for the plantation and make sure that they comply with IFOAM organic farming requirements. This is to ensure our customers that they will receive the right and reliable organic products for their organic markets.

If you think you need a consistency supplies of any agricultural products with organic farming method, we are please to discuss with you to come up with some alternatives for your consideration.